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This site was founded by a group of guys who love online games. Since we learned what online games were, we were all about them. To us, this means we are offering a site that is authentic and real. It’s not run by a big corporation or operated by people who don’t know anything about online games. We are real people with real names and real interests in this unique genre. Whenever you have a question, comment or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We want to hear from people just like you who love games too!

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In addition to getting in touch with us whenever you have something you want to say, we invite you to get even more involved by signing up for our online forums about gaining. The sign-up process is super easy, and it will take you less time to make a user profile than it will to read through this entire about us page!

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The games we offer

Finally, let’s talk about the games you can play when you visit our site. We are a gaming store after all! We are proud to say that we have games for every demographic. Whether you are a high school boy, an woman in her 20s, a youngster or someone who is completely new to gaming, we have what you’re looking for. Some of our games are puzzles while others focus on finding treasures or achieving a goal. We also have games that are educational.

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